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Here at STLF Transportation, we offer a wide variety of transportation options to ensure your product arrives to its destination as efficiently and safely as possible. The variety of trailers we offer will continue to expand as we continue to grow. If we don't have the right trailer for your product, we can help you find the best option to get it safely and efficiently to its destination. Please look at what we have below and give us a call if you have something we can transport for you!
Hopper Bottom 

Hopper bottom trailers are what we use to haul bulk commodity products such as grain, or feed for livestock. Featuring a rolling tarp on top of the trailer, this allows for our drivers to easily load the product and offer it safe protection for the trip. If you have commodity products needing to be hauled, we're the company for you!

Flat Bed 

Flat bed trailers are the most popular trailer we use. Our drivers mainly use them due to the versatility they provide for our customers at STLF. We generally use these to load freight on its top, sides, or rear. With so many capabilities, flat beds have proven to be a great asset to our customers and drivers. If you have freight needing to be hauled, we're the company for you!

Step Deck

Step deck trailers are another type of trailer we offer, and also use frequently. Also called drop deck, this trailer is a variation of the flat bed trailer design that allows our drivers to haul freight that can't be transported on a flat bed trailer. This is mostly due to height restrictions. If you have freight needing to be hauled, we're the company for you!

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